New Zealand is probably the country where you can find the widest range of extreme sports in the world, and we felt we couldn’t fail to prove some of them. So we chose to go rafting in Rotorua, on the Okere river (Kaituna) and had so much fun!

Thiago had the idea, and despite being a bit fearful I ended liking the idea, well, mainly after I knew the age limit was 13 years old haha I admit I had butterflies in my stomach when the instructor told us what to do in case the boat turned over on the waterfall, which seems to be quite common (but everyone gets out alive haha after all it’s not necessary to know how to swim to get on this, the life jacket has to do the job).

The most exciting part was when we went down a 7 meters high waterfall and got completely submerged in the water (you can see it well on the pictures). The instructors told us that this is the highest waterfall in the world for white water rafting!

This was our first experience rafting, but surely not the last J Here’s a selection of photos taken from our group …

First waterfall, a small sample of what was to come!


Another waterfall …


That’s what I was talking about … 7 meters, oh my gosh!


A lot of water, but the boat didn’t turn over!

Smile to the picture!


Don’t laugh at your colleagues when they swallow water!



Job done… all good things must come to an end 😦 (Thiago was reluctant to upload this picture, but I liked so much the outfit haha)