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Discovering Chinese New Year in Penang, Malaysia

It’s been a while that we don’t write a new post on this blog. And I can’t lie… coming back from all these months of freedom, no responsibilities and great joy was harder than I was expecting. So in a way it was a difficult to go back to pictures and write about these moments.

But time has passed and after knowing that Chinese New Year is coming, a lot of sweet memories came back to my mind.

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When an amazing journey is coming to an end…

Today is our last day in Asia and soon we will be back to Europe. The decision to finish our trip came as something natural, it was part of the process. We started the trip wanting to immerse and to know everything about these rich and different cultures Continue reading “When an amazing journey is coming to an end…”

The 2 days we spent in Seoul at a new “old friend’s” house

Seoul, South Korea, was a place that we knew almost nothing about before going there. The thing was that we had to make a stop before going to our next destination and this was a good excuse to stay and see a bit of the city. Continue reading “The 2 days we spent in Seoul at a new “old friend’s” house”

Rafting in Rotorua, New Zealand: going over a 7 meters waterfall!

New Zealand is probably the country where you can find the widest range of extreme sports in the world, and we felt we couldn’t fail to prove some of them. So we chose to go rafting in Rotorua, on the Okere river (Kaituna) and had so much fun!

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Yangon people on the circular train line (Myanmar)

When we travel we like to live the place, eat and do what the locals do, participate in their day-by-day and feel, even knowing that it’s illusory and temporary that we are also from there.
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Discovering Myanmar in 20 days

When we decided to go to Myanmar we had quite high expectations. A few friends had mentioned that they considered it the most authentic country in South East Asia. And we were not disappointed. During the 3 weeks we spent there in January of 2016 we knew amazing places, both in terms of architecture and natural beauty, we found a very rich culture not so globalized yet, a less massive tourism than its neighbouring countries, but at the same time we could easily travel there and have all necessary services Continue reading “Discovering Myanmar in 20 days”

10 days learning meditation with Buddhist monks in Thailand

On 11th of December of 2015, I started a Vipassana meditation course at Wat Ram Poeng, an important Buddhist temple in the city of Chiang Mai, which would last 10 days. It was definitely one of the most authentic, interesting and challenging experiences of my life.

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