When we travel we like to live the place, eat and do what the locals do, participate in their day-by-day and feel, even knowing that it’s illusory and temporary that we are also from there.

Of course that many times we don’t go unnoticed, especially in Myanmar. But being there makes us feel that we are all part of the same thing and that the only thing that makes us different, fortunately, is our cultures.

Based on this principle, when we were in Yangon we made a very interesting and recommendable tour: we took the circular train line. We started the journey that lasts around three hours in the city center, went until the suburbs and came back. During this time we saw several people getting on and off the train, people that were going to work, that were going home, that were going out, fruit and water vendors, Buddhist monks… They were reading their newspapers, taking a nap, looking out of the window and, why not, looking at their mobile phone. The only thing you need to do is to sit and appreciate how life happens in this place…


If someday you visit Yangon and want to make this trip, it’s quite cheap (less than 1 USD per person). The train departs from platform 6/7 of downtown train station and you buy the ticket on the same platform.