Today is our last day in Asia and soon we will be back to Europe. The decision to finish our trip came as something natural, it was part of the process. We started the trip wanting to immerse and to know everything about these rich and different cultures but at some point it seemed it wasn’t enough and we felt the necessity of being useful and giving something back, it was when we decided to become volunteers (and in this small city of Sapa we learnt much more about Vietnam’s culture than traveling around a whole country). If we kept traveling this trip would probably keep evolving and transforming with us. But budget is limited, future is uncertain, and coming back and rebuild our lives seemed to be the right project to take at this point.

But although we understand is time to prepare ourselves to the return of working life, is hard to say goodbye. This time traveling was a huge gift from life, and as someone said, we were able to live many lives in a small period of time. Here we discovered and learnt about so many things but mainly we rediscovered ourselves.  Being outside our bubble helped us to remember that the life and roles that we chose and assumed are a condition and not a definition of ourselves. We can continue to live life as before, or we can change that, both options are perfectly fine. But we should never be prisoners of what our sometimes limited idea of ourselves can be. We can be so many different things and we can live the same life on many different perspectives. So we need to recognize and accept our changing nature (and of course be flexible to adapt to the changing outside, because it’s not all about us).

So we are glad to have known all these interesting and kind people that crossed our ways, to have faced all these cultural shocks, and lived all these unexpected events during the last months. All taught us a lot of things and are part of what we are now and part of what we are going to be in the future.